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You Need to Be Flexible

One of the first hard lessons to be learned in the RV life is that schedules often don’t work! It is a guarantee that something, or someone, is going to influence what you planned on doing. Things just happen.

Take this virus as an example (yes, please! Someone take it!) Last Spring we had definite plans for RV group rallies, potlucks, places to visit, and a month long trip to Italy in September. It was northern Italy, the very center of the outbreak! Well, none of those things happened. We just changed destinations and activities, as needed, sometimes at the last minute. Thankfully, we had trip insurance, so our only loss was $300 for the policy.

Both of us served careers in the Navy. Jan spent 5 years at sea, and I spent 15 years at sea. Our lives often changed directions, sometimes multiple times the same day! Jan was transferred to Rota, Spain. The day before she left, with her household goods already on the way, her orders were changed to Naples, Italy. She took it in stride and carried on. We met there two years later, so all worked out well. On three fast attack submarines, my plans were often changed without notice. While planning to be in port for 3 weeks, we suddenly deployed for a for a mission. Just before I was supposed to retire, I was transferred to a submarine group command in, you guessed it, Naples, Italy! These surprise changes in plans definitely worked out for both of us. We both learned that being flexible eliminates stress. If it’s beyond your control, learn to go with the flow! You never know what will happen, or who you will meet!

We tell people that our schedule is on an imaginary marker board. A move, visit, or activity on that board can be deleted, added, or moved in a flash! We planned to be in one place a week, but due to an event beyond our control, we spent a month. We were supposed to be here in St. George for a week, but the fridge part wasn’t ready in time, so we are here an extra week. Instead of being stressed, we are taking this extra time to do more bike rides, maybe visit Zion Nat’l Park, and play some horseshoes. The hot tub is also a plus.

If flexibility is not an issue for you, this lifestyle will fit you to a “T”. When your home is on wheels, it’s very simple to change your plans. You just set the road directions to the new destination. Enjoy your new flexible life! Where will we be next Spring? We “think” we know, but by the time April gets here, the plan will have changed six times. I can’t wait to see where we end up! Stay tuned to see what happens to us next!

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