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We Installed Pavers

When we moved into our new space there were some Mexican brick laid, but didn’t cover much of an area, and 8 or 9 were broken, which were trip hazards.

Jan found a nice young man to do some paver work for us. We went to Yuma and bought all the bricks and pavers, then Joseph came and did all the work. I got to watch and learn how to do it.

This has made a huge difference for us. It’s really nice to walk outside to have meals, or to sit in our recliners, and not be on dirt all the time. It’s also wonderful that Jan is less likely to trip.

Showing his appreciation of our improvement, a local bunny showed up for a snack. Unfortunately, the local coyotes have decimated the bunny and quail population. I think we are fattening up the bunnies for coyote lunch! The circle of life goes on.

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