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We Found Our New Home

The “plan” was to wait until the house sale closed in August, then get a used truck (Silverado, of course), then begin searching for a used 344GK. Well, as everyone knows, plans often don’t happen, as planned!

Late one night we both got the urge to look for trucks and 344’s, just to see what was out there. On my search, three popped up on the screen. Then, all of a sudden, there it was! Oh my gosh! Not only was it a late model used 344, it was 60% under list price!

Was it still available? What was wrong with it? Was this real? A thousand questions raced through our heads, along with. . . . . . this is too soon! But, but is it still available??? Inquiring minds had to know! I emailed the buyer. Of course, 9pm Hawaii time is 2am in Michigan, so we had a sleep deprived night, tossing and turning, dreaming of getting the exact model we wanted, at a huge discount.

When we woke up, like about 6am, there it was! A message from the seller, and it was still available! Yippee!!! After that, things moved at lightning speed. We called and spoke with him, and he is an amazingly nice guy. The 344 just isn’t what he wanted, so he was selling it so he could get the one he wanted. It turns out, he listed it about 45 minutes before I found it. Talk about blessings!

Jan called Navy Fed, and yes, no problem on the money. She then called a professional inspector with RVIA, and he just happened to live an hour away from the seller, and could do it in 48 hours. He is also a faithful Christian man, so there was a great conversation that had nothing to do with RV’s. Everyone in the RV community recommend that you get a professional to inspect your unit, even if it’s brand new from the factory. Well, after spending 4.5 hrs looking at the rig, on the way home he said if we don’t buy it, he’s going back to get it. It’s that good of a deal.

We’re here. . . . the 344 is in Michigan. What to do? Every problem has a solution. Jan gets home tonight, so I will let her tell the next part of the story. It’s filled with suspense, and a lot of blessings.

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