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Under Pressure!

As I read Shep’s post about my sewing studio and how he touted my sewing/quilting capabilities I started to wonder just what I could share? No matter what art form, hobby, or passion one embraces, it is often a long road from concept to completion. That is as it should be...I don’t sew to mass produce, but as a way to say “I love you. Your happiness is important to me.” Aristotle put it in a way that is synchronous with my philosophy of “Done is better than perfect.” He said “ The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things but their inward significance.” So, my seams might not be a perfect 5/8” on a garment or scant 1/4“ on a quilt but the fabrics were selected, cut and the stitches were placed with love and prayers and with the hope that the recipient would feel exactly how loved and appreciated they are.

Who doesn't like exploring and delighting in things new? This past winter season in Quartzsite was one of discovery. We discovered:

(1) that expecting last winter's balmy weather was a nice expectation, but not necessarily reality. It was, in fact, quite chilly as well as windy. March's "in like a lion and out like a lamb"weather was a most welcome change.

(2) We realized how much we missed a consistent community. Full time RVing has many wonderful points, but having a consistent group of friends nearby is not one of them. Both Shep and I have missed that more than we expected.

(3) We love boondocking with the wide open views and assumed we would not really like living in an RV park community. However we decided to utilize this winter as a break from the chores associated with boondocking and sublease a space in a co-op RV park. At first, as expected, we felt rather claustrophobic being surrounded by other RVs. Interestingly enough, as the weeks passed and we became acquainted with our neighbors we began feeling a sense of community we had not felt since our time in the Navy. This ended up, of course, with our becoming part of this community as Shep announced yesterday.

(4) If you had told me last year that we would be returning to "Q" (Quartzsite) year after year, I would have expressed great doubt that that would ever happen. We are leaving for our summer visits and explorations but I am sad to leave. Not so sad that I want to remain here for the summer and temperatures in the 125 degrees F. range!

(5) Another fun lesson was how interspecies relationships can be quite amusing. The plentiful quail and little desert cottontails are easily observed not matter where your eyes land. As I sat at our desk yesterday, I observed a very young rabbit, about the same size as the quail, being "herded" by a covey of quail. The birds had found a treasure hold of seeds from the tree next door and apparently did not want to share.

Well, time to close this epistle. :-) Make the new week ahead a wonderful one.

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