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The Kesler Farm

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The same day we arrived at the Kesler Farm, Becky and the kids left for Blackfoot, ID to visit with Mike, who was working on a contract there with the dozer and other heavy equipment. They were gone two weeks. We decided to extend our stay an extra week so we could see the family. While they were gone we got to know their neighbors a lot better. Darrel, Ali and their two kids, Abby and Gabe, are really nice folks. Biscuit, their golden retriever puppy was a frequent and very welcome visitor.

We were entertained every day by hundreds of geese and elk. Jan finally heard her first elk bugle!

We kept busy while the family was gone. We canned a case of applesauce for the Kesler’s, a case for us, and 12 quarts and 12 pints of apple pie filling for us. I had lots of help from Abby in doing the Squeezo! One day Jan helped Abby sew a bag as a gift for Lizzy. They had fun!

When the family got back we were really happy to see them! As a celebration I made spatchcock turkey, but there was a slight “catch”. Their Traeger had a grease fire! As an emergency backup, I put that 14# turkey on our portable Traeger. Not designed to do a bird that big, but it worked! The way I jammed it in, it looked like it was deformed! There were no complaints, and it was a hit.

I made sourdough bread for one dinner. Didn’t last long. One day we took the younger girls to Spokane on a shopping trip, and enjoyed pizza and soda at Costco. One thing we had to deal with was Ruby always gnawing on an elk leg or shoulder she found out in the pasture. It got a bit “rank” after a week. Finally, we were able to get it and put it in the dumpster. Since it was nice weather, the kids spent time on their favorite activity, jumping on the trampoline.

While the family was gone Jan suggested we visit a different ward. As it turns out, the ward is the one we will be attending while we are on our mission next year! I got a photo of Jan in front of the Fall colors in front of the ward building.

It was difficult to leave, but we will spend all next summer near the Keslers while we serve at Camp Peine.

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