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Solitude in the Desert

I went on a walk in the late afternoon near our campsite today. No wind, no noise, just the silence and majesty of a desert panorama.

There are canyons on both sides of us. As I walked down the gravel trail/road I had to be careful because of all the rocks and gravel that made walking a challenge. That required that I stop frequently to take in all the beauty around me. In the distance to the north I saw other boondocker rigs. I saw everything from old vans to beautiful Class A’s.

Every couple minutes I left the trail to go over to look into the canyons on each side. The afternoon Winter sun gave each a totally different color and form. The washes below, formed by roaring waters from flash floods, looked like inviting soft places to visit. if I can find a way down in the next few days, I’ll do just that.

At the end, accessed by a narrow 10’ bridge, is a level point, maybe 30’ wide. Each side goes down maybe 200’, so I didn’t get to close to the edge! From there I could see into both canyons at the same time, and could see where they wind their way to the river in the distance. It was great place to stand and view the fantastic view all around me.

Places like this give us a chance to contemplate God’s creation without distraction. This land was laid down one layer at a time many eons ago. Wind and water have etched this landscape into pillars, mounds, a full palette of color, and deep canyons. Just amazing to behold.

Being in a place like this is why we love living the RV life.

We ended the day with a campfire, hotdogs, and fries. Then we danced to some nostalgia music from the 70’s and 80’s! The only thing missing was the mirror ball on the ceiling and flashing colored lights! I sure love this new life!

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