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Return to Valley of Fire

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The first visit to this majestic valley only inspired us to go back and see more! Throughout the day the colors changed in intensity and hue. As we wandered on the trails we felt the tranquility and power of God’s creation.

The weather was perfect, in the 70’s, all day. The terrain was very accommodating for Jan. She used her walking stick to keep her safe. We took along water and sandwiches. we saw a coyote, rabbits, a couple lizards, but none of my least favorite critter, the rattlesnake. Probably not warm enough to bring them out.

Two days in the park, and we still missed a couple major points of interest, which means we will be going back again to see more. Rocks and desert don’t interest everyone, but we love this landscape. The quiet, the critters, the formations, and the peace are hard to duplicate anywhere else. When we stopped to rest, we took time to discuss our faith, talk about plans, and most often just sat holding hands and absorbed the beauty around us. Places like this glorious valley bring us closer to each other.

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