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Our Winter Home

Being full-time RVers is a great lifestyle, but there are a couple downsides.

We love seeing the same people now and then. When traveling, we see our RV friends, but it’s usually only a few at a time. We miss doing things with a group of good friends.

We enjoy having a home Church congregation (called a Ward or Branch). We know the members, have callings, and have that close feeling of belonging. Being full-time, that hasn’t been possible.

So we have an announcement! This week we purchased a lease in the Quartzite, Arizona Gold Star RV Park.

The big RV cover is sold, and will be gone before we get back next Fall. The car cover will also be gone. We are on a corner, so it’s a great location.

Right across the street you can see the LDS Branch chapel. That‘s right, we are a two minute walk to Church! Talk about being convenient! We are thrilled to be so close. Now we can be involved in Church activities on a regular basis. We can even have callings again. During the summer there are only 25-40 members. In the winter, attendance can be up to 800. It’s a very active Branch. A lot of the members live here in the park, so we have Monday evening Family Home Meetings right here.

In the foreground you can see a desert garden. Jan has plans to really spruce up these plants. finally, she can play with plants again.

That building at the right is the community center. We are a two minute walk to music jams (Sunday evening is Gospel jam night), dancing, game nights, and all those yummy potlucks! We are very social, so being this close to the social center of the community is perfect for us.

Here are some photos of our lot. once the RV and car covers are gone, we’ll have a lot more space, and it will be more open and airy. Next Fall we will plan and install pavers for an outdoor sitting area, then add a shade cover over it, probably a 12x20, so we can sit out under shade, have meals outside, and visit with friends.

We leave in a couple days, so won’t have much time to do anything with our lot until November. We are excited to return and get everything settled.

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