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Our Lee’s Ferry Adventure

We have been here 13 days, and it has been so relaxing and fun! We hiked, fished, had a campfire, and ate sumptuous meals.

No adventure is perfect, of course. We had two days of high winds, with gusts over 40 mph, which rocked Bella all night long! One night it rained most of the night. A couple days were cool, in the 50’s and low 60’s. But, in spite of the ever changing weather, we still had mostly sunshine and temperatures in the high 60’s to low 80’s. Our batteries didn’t reach 100% most of the time, due to winter solar and clouds, but I never had to run the generator, and we didn’t cut back on normal power usage. We will leave here with just one propane tank near empty.

We did quite a bit of fishing this time. As I posted before, my homemade spinner lures were very successful. Yesterday we both caught our limit of trout. We had 9 on, and landed 4. Barbless hooks are required here, which explains why so many got away. The smallest was 12” at 13-oz, and the biggest was 15” at 1-lb. very tasty! We fished a couple hours today, had 3 on, but didn’t land any. we’ll be back next year for more fishing!

Camping here is boondocking, so there are no services in the campground. However, 1/2 mile away is a dump and fresh water. I didn’t get a photo of using the 43-gallon “blue boy” waste dolly, but this is how we get fresh water. That water pillow holds about 60-gallons of water. The water doesn’t taste the best, but our Berkey water filter makes it taste fresh.

We really love this place! The scenery is fantastic, the hiking trails and washes are fun, the fishing is good, and relaxing at our campsite is our favorite activity. Fuel is just a few miles away, and groceries, eateries, and other amenities are just an hour away in Page. The scenery changes constantly because of the season and time of day. We hear the Colorado river running just below the campground. The cost? Just $10/day! Very affordable for a million dollar view.

Lee‘s Ferry is one of the prime reasons we chose this lifestyle. At this time in our lives, we just can’t see ourselves living in a house or apartment. This life gives us freedom, mobility, relaxation, and interesting exercise opportunities.

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