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New Home in Quartzsite

On Friday we arrived back at Gold Star RV Park in Quartzsite, AZ. Just before leaving in April, we picked up a lease on a lot right across from the community center, and a 1-minute walk to the LDS Branch building.

A number of friends showed up to help direct me on to our parking spot, and their help was necessary and greatly appreciated! I had to navigate around rocks, steel rods sticking up, the sewer connection, and a disconnected propane line. It was quite a “dance” getting situated!

To get settled in there is a lot of work ahead of us. Top priority is to get the sewer connection working. I found a crack below ground, so will need to get that repaired, and add a new connection for our system. I borrowed a pick to dig the hole, then used a soup can to get the dirt out. You use the tools available to get the job done!

There is an electrical “mess” that needs to be fixed. Haven’t figured out yet how to get it in a safe condition, but when done it will be buried.

There are rocks, broken bricks, and broken tile all over the lot. The bigger job will be taking up the current brick pavers. Many are broken, and most are quite uneven. The plan is to level the area and lay tiles, or bricks, or maybe cement pad. Cost will dictate that choice. I’m suspecting that cement is too expensive, so it looks like there will be some substantial sweat equity in my future.

We are excited to be here, and to have our own lot. Once things are all cleaned up we plan to set up a covered area and set up chairs and dining area for outside living.

Today we drove to Los Algodones, Mexico for dental appointments. I had just a cleaning, but Jan had to have some work done. Some of the medications she takes is causing problems with her teeth. Taking care of these things now prevents major work later. Afterward we picked up the plumbing parts for my repair job tomorrow.

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