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Meet Bella Ragazza

This was totally unplanned, but our RV friends all tell stories about how a year or two into the full-time life they change RV’s. Well, it’s happened to us!

We go to all the RV shows, just to see what’s new. Some cool things, but never even tempted us to think about changing from the Taj. Well, at the annual RV show here in Quartzsite, we saw them all, even the big Class A’s. Not tempted.

Then we looked at the Solitude 390RK. Uh oh! The first thing we noticed was it has a real residential oven! Niiiiice! Even the cooktop was a real one, not the barely useable RV type. We should have left right there, but we kept going. Big mistake. The bathroom has two sinks, and the shower has a multi-head body shower, just like the ones in houses.

Lastly, it hit us. Light! Lots and lots of light coming in. We love the Taj, but even on sunny days we had to have lights on. This was amazing. And the roominess, along with the teak feature wall, with the TV and wide fireplace, well, now we wanted all of it. Now to see what we can negotiate.

It turns out that they really wanted the Taj and her solar package. They made us a deal we couldn’t refuse. we did have a couple demands: we keep the goose neck hitch, our custom bed, and our new Whirlpool fridge. They agreed.

A couple days later all was transferred, and we picked up Bella Ragazza, which is Pretty Girl in Italian. We really love Bella. The light is just amazing. Cooking is so easy, even with both of us in the kitchen at the same time. In April we take her to Continuous Resources in Price, UT for the solar package. Matt and his staff did our last solar, so we know they will do a fantastic job with Bella.

Enjoy the photos. We have a lot more storage room, so won’t have to keep things in the living room, such as the boat, as we did in the past. We won’t add more stuff, but will be able to spread out what we already have, making it easier to find things when we want them.

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