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Lee’s Ferry - First Week

We have been here for a week. The weather has been perfect, 70’s every day, and sunshine. It cools down slowly in the evenings, and the nights are not too cold.

We are seeing fish, but none have made it to the table yet. We’ll just have to keep on trying! Jan is progressing with her fly fishing. It’s a finicky way to fish, and it takes lots of practice to get that fly in the water! I’m making spinning lures, but haven’t yet hit on a winning design.

This is a very relaxing place for us. Leisurely meals, fresh bread, and spending time sitting in the sun. We have met some very friendly neighbors here in the campground.

Hiking the Cathedral Wash is our favorite place to go. We spend about 3-4 hours on this hike every couple days, and see new and interesting things every time. Being kids, we also see all kinds of “creatures” in the rock formations, like frogs, monsters, lions, dogs, skulls, dragons, and even an ancient deep sea fish! Do you see it (second row, middle photo)? It’s amazing how many animals are there in the rocks! We see new ones all the time.

The Fall light changes the colors from what we saw on our last visit here in the Spring. The reds are much more rich. Being a full moon, we had a fire this evening, along with toasted marshmallows.

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