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Jan’s New Sewing Center

In the Taj, Jan used the rear desk for sewing. It worked, but space was tight, and lighting was only so-so. All that changed with Bella!

We drove to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and went to IKEA, where we found the perfect table and two file cabinets. We removed and sold the couch, which paid for all the new sewing furniture. The table fits perfectly, with a 1” clearance on both sides. The cabinets easily fit underneath. The lighting is perfect and bright, and she also has a lot of natural light from the three windows.

Because it’s all on a slide, if she is mid project, she doesn‘t have to move everything at the end of the day. she can come back to it the next day and pick up right where she left off. She will post what she is working on. I think her new quilt that she is working on is amazing.

I added L-brackets to everything, so we don’t have to do anything to prepare her sewing center for travel. The Empress will go back into her bedroom closet for safety, but other than that, this new sewing center is the perfect arrangement. Wait till you see what Jan is producing!

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