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It’s Cold in Ogden

We spent twelve days in Ogden visiting family. The first couple of days were nice, but then a cold front moved in, spoiling our plans for a couple bike rides. Along with temperatures into the 30’s, we also had rain, and snow in the hills.

In spite of the cold Fall weather, we had a great time visiting with the Snells and Jarvis’s. On Saturday we drove to downtown Salt Lake City and visited the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints History Museum. It had been remodeled since our last visit about 8 years ago, so there were a lot of new exhibits to see. We spent several hours there.

One exhibit was on Suffrage, and the Utah women that participated. Utah was forced to rescind the vote for women in order to gain statehood. The very first state senator was from Utah. In the one photo, Jan is pointing to Susan B. Anthony, who visited the Utah Women’s Committee in 1893. Suffrage is a very interesting topic, and a whole section of the museum is dedicated to it, and the women who were members of our church that actively campaigned for women to gain the right to vote.

We always have fun visiting with Mike & Kelley. We have been friends ( who we consider family) since 1990, so we have a long history together. Who knows what kind of trouble we will get into after Mike retires from working at Hill Air Force Base in a machine shop in just two years!

Spending time with the Jarvis kids is always so much fun. They just get taller and smarter every time we see them. The boys are now in first grade, and Ava quickly learns what they learn. They had fun decorating the Fall panels we gave them. Quite the artists!

Jan finally convinced me to get a new suit, a sport coat, and some new pants. My current church clothes were 2 sizes too big, and practically falling off me. I like the new look.

When we visit Ogden we always go see Matthew and Mariah, our nephew and niece who live in Saratoga Sorings, part of the tech sector of the Wasatch Front. We catch up on all the things they are doing, travels, jobs, and their busy lives. We also go to Mi Ranchito, a really great Mexican restaurant that has amazing mole sauce! This next year, they plan to go to Japan for a short vacation. Can’t wait to hear all about their adventures!

Leaving Ogden on October 14th was quite the ordeal. Within the first 20 miles the DEF notice came up, so we had to get two boxes and put them in while it drizzled rain and then light snow. Before we could get back on the freeway, I noticed that a window had popped open, so had to pull into a large parking lot to fix it. Then, as we drove south, we hit rain, snow, and fog. At one point a truck moved into our lane and almost ran me off the road. Thankfully, there was a very wide burm, so I was able to slow quickly, then pull back into the road. We saw a lot of snow as we headed south on I-15, until we got south of Cedar City. Last year this time it was sunny and 75°! Quite a difference!

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