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It’s Celebration Time

Milestones need to be properly celebrated. This celebration deserved a steak dinner – with a 30-oz steak! Dry cured for 50 days, and the most tender steak I’ve ever eaten. But, at that size, it took us a couple meals to get through it! This was the point where we were finally able to relax, and know that everything worked out. We were greatly blessed.

We originally planned to sell our home over a year ago. However, the Fissure 8 eruption caused the county to prohibit all sales in our area for quite a while. We were finally able to put the house on the market in April. We got a great offer the day after it went on the market. Then we ran into building permit problems that cost us a lot of time, stress and some money.

Throughout it all, we stayed positive! We bought the Taj a month ago, left for the mainland on schedule, and upon arrival in Olympia we bought the truck. We did all this before the house closed, with full confidence that all would work out properly. It did. The sale finally became final, nine weeks after the original closing date.

We are now moving forward, visiting family, and getting ready to load the items we need to take to the Taj. Life is a continuing adventure. The key is to see the rainbow, not the storm.

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