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It's Been Over a Year

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

If I had to describe our full time RV journey thus far in one word it would have to be "wonderful". But, in my typical fashion, I would begin adding in other words, such as fun, unexpected, educational, reconnecting, frustrating, precious and on and on. In other words, it has been everything we hoped for and much more than we could have expected. In the balance, the positives far outweigh the frustrations. Shep's ability to keep me laughing in the face of adversity truly makes all the difference. He is truly a gift from God and has made a positive difference in every aspect of my life. I often tell people "Shep is a very patient man." Believe me, he is.

Living a quasi nomadic life presents you with wonderful opportunities to meet many interesting people from every possible walk of life. Strangers we have met and quickly become friends with have enriched our lives in so many ways and their generosity has, at times, been breathtaking. In the past 13 months, the opportunity to spend large amounts of time with family and friends and to feel the connection of our heart strings grow even stronger has been priceless. Over the years so many have commented how exciting it must have been to travel around the country and world as we served in the US Navy. That is one side of the coin, true, but the opposite side is that we did not have the opportunity to forge the kind of family ties our hearts deeply long for. Unfortunately, you can't have it both ways. Yes, you can love each other, talk to each other often, but that special type of knowing and connection which comes from having been together often just can't be replicated. As a dear friend says "It's all good.", and I know it is, for we are living part of an eternal round and we now have time to be there. For this I am so grateful.

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