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Is this lifestyle realistic? More stress free?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Today I read an article in my favorite daily RV newsletter, Reviewing and sharing highlights from the research of anthropologists David and Dorothy Counts, several benefits of the full time RV lifestyle are elucidated.

When we made the momentous decision to “go for it” and become full time RVers, we sold our home, moved back to the mainland US, freed ourselves of approximately 95% of our worldly possessions, assured our family that we had not lost our minds, and purchased both a 5th wheel RV and a pickup to haul the trailer with. Whew! The process was, at times, a stressful one, but in the end we felt a sense of lightness we hadn’t felt since in our youth.

RVing has given us a sense of freedom which we thoroughly appreciate and enjoy. The ability to do what we want when we want is quite stress relieving. Spontaneity has returned to our lives and gives us a sense of adventure. Of course we make plans but it is nice to sometime just have a basic plan and then let discovery and serendipity flesh out the particulars. We are able to spend 24/7 with each other and we enjoy that immensely.

Shep and I have discovered a wonderful community of fellow RVers- interesting, kind people who come from all walks of life. It is a gift that we get to meet, sometimes travel with, break bread with, and simply enjoy so many wonderful individuals. The generosity, caring and consideration shown for each other within in our community certainly takes us back to a kinder and simpler time. We love that!

If you’d like to know more and of course, the results of a several year research project then follow the link to the article, prepare to have your eyes opened, and enjoy a good read. Happy Trails to you🌻

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