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Homemade Bread is Better

Making good sourdough is my favorite thing to do. However, it takes two days to produce a single loaf. We like to have bread a little more often than that.

after some deep research, I found a bread machine that fits my personal requirements, a KBS Bread maker. You may have different parameters, but this one was a winner for me. It had to do a satisfactory sourdough.

One thing I discovered during my research is that the recipes included with most bread machines are average, or worse. So, I started collecting recipes to try out.

As soon as the machine arrived I tried out the first included recipe. Yup, average, and not very exciting. Then I started working with the recipes I had found. With some adjustments, I’ve had some roaring successes! So far, my list of winners includes: dark rye; raisin cinnamon; French; and whole wheat. And yes, I have created a wonderful sourdough and whole wheat sourdough, done completely in the bread machine.

no more chemical and preservative laden breads for us! The downside is that a real loaf of bread starts going bad on the third day. We either eat it up, or throw it out. I can deal with that to get fresh preservative free bread. It takes me 5 minutes to add the ingredients, and in 3 hours we have hot fresh bread. At the end of the mix step I remove the paddle, so only a small hole in the loaf at the end.

The next step will be to grind my own wheat.

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