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Goodbye St George

We’ve had a wonderful time this week. Riding our bikes on these amazing bike trails has been all that we expected. We met nice people when we stopped, saw a bunny, saw a HUGE road runner, and thoroughly enjoyed the views of the Virgin River and red cliffs. We traveled about 80 miles all total.

The Black Bear Diner is a couple hundred yards from the RV park, but we never went there, until this week. Oh, we’ll be back! Service is top notch, and the meals, at least breakfast, is big, and delicious. The pancakes are made with sweet cream - not to be missed! On our second visit we ordered just one meal, and added a couple eggs. The orange juice is fresh squeezed, and addicting.

On Sunday we visited the local ward. Very delightful people, and the chapel is right across the street from the St George Temple, which is closed right now for renovation. When we come back next year it should be open - yea! In addition, the new Red Cliffs Temple may be open, or have their open house when we return.

Bella got a thorough “spa treatment” in preparation for our drive to Quartzsite. She looks really good for having spent most of the travel season boondocking in dry dusty places. I will be ordering the right equipment to do this myself in the future.

Before we left Quartzsite last April I was given a brand new sourdough starter. Ive had a number of challenges with various recipes, and the bread just hasn’t been very sour, mainly because the starter was very new and undeveloped. After a number of failures, and letting the mother starter age and ripen, the bread is getting a lot better. Jan, our official scorer, said this morning that the sourness is almost to perfection. The crumb is really good, so I think I finally have a bread recipe that works right. I’m even beginning to add some decorative scoring to my repertoire!

Today we’ll take our last afternoon bike ride, then put the bikes on the rack. I’ll also pull all the services except the power so we can get ready faster in the morning and leave by 8:30am. We are excited to return to the Gold Star RV Park and see all of our friends! This will be our first time in our new leased parking spot, right across from the community center. Can’t wait to get there!

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