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Fish, at Last!

After days of not even getting a strike, yesterday we finally caught some trout. They were 12” & 13”. Not monsters, but enough for a hearty dinner!

I thought initially our draught was because Jan is a beginner at fly fishing, and I’m using homemade spinners that I’m making. What we did was change location!

When I arrived at the new spot, there were five guys upstream of me. No one had caught anything in hours. My third cast, boom! I then lost 3 over a 30 minute period. I came back and got Jan. When we got back, 3 guys had moved down to where I had been. They hadn’t caught anything. after a little while I strolled down just beyond the three guys and on my second cast caught my second trout. As I strolled back by them, fish in hand, the one guy said, “Hey! You just went down there, and you hooked up already?” I just smiled and nodded. As I went back to where Jan was, the guys moved down to where I had been.

My homemade spinner lures are effective, so I’ll be making more of them. My next purchase will be a wire bender. Using jewelry pliers just aren’t working for me.

We came home and had fish for dinner. Yum! On Monday, we’re going back to see if we can repeat.

Today we attended the local LDS branch on Navaho land. Really nice people, and we had a wonderful meeting and Sunday School. There were about 20 people there. The talks given were in both English and Navaho.

When camping where the internet is not very strong we watch DVD’s we got at the Dollar Store. We have probably the first 6 seasons of Bonanza. It’s fun to watch the very old programs. We got a big surprise last night! “The Ape” episode was shown in 1960. It was a big shock to see Leonard Nimoy as a sleazy saloon card hustler! This is before Star Trek, so he got ZERO billing! We had to look closely several times to make sure it was him. There are all kinds of surprises in the early TV shows. These early Bonanza episodes did not open with the later well known theme song. Adam is in a lot of the early episodes.

It‘s been warm the past couple days, in the high 70’s, with cloud cover in the afternoon and evening. That’s good for temperatures, but we’re missing that last 2-3 hours of solar for the batteries. We end the day over 80%, so more than enough power for our needs. It’s supposed to be in the 60’s this week, but more sunshine.

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