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Finney Farm - Harvest Host

We left I-15 and headed East to Hildale, Utah. Even though we went up in altitude, there was no snow! Upon arrival it was actually 63°! Yea! Our destination was Finney Farm, who had just become a Harvest Host a week ago. It’s a very popular place already, with 7 other RV’s parked in the area.

They had had some snow early in the week, but it had melted. The farm is a working dairy, and Jan immediately zeroed in on the cows and chickens. You just can’t take the farm out of that girl!

We really enjoyed meeting other guests, and buying some really good cheese at the farm store. The smoked apple cheddar is really good! They also have certified raw milk, yogurt and fresh eggs.

The next morning, after visiting the cows again, and throwing bread crumbs to the chickens, we headed toward one of our favorite places, Lee’s Ferry in Marble Canyon, Arizona. The road was very winding, and took us up to 8,000 ft, then back down to 3,000 ft. it was slow, but the views of the red cliffs are worth the trip.

A couple things to note about this area:

  1. There are no cliff dwellings at the Cliff Dwellers Lodge.

  2. There is no lake at Jacob Lake.

  3. There is no ferry at Lee’s Ferry

Just a little desert tourist humor.

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