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Finally - Glacier National Park

For three decades Jan & I have been trying to visit Glacier National Park. Every time, be it May, June, August, or September, the park closed due to a sudden snow storm. We came to the point that we expected that we may never see this beautiful park. I had been there 40 years ago, and I really wanted Jan to see it.

Due to a challenge with our RV fridge, we found ourselves 3 weeks behind where we wanted to be this time of year. In early October we found ourselves at a state campground at Flathead Lake, MT. It was in the high 70’s, and beautiful. The camp host told us they went to Glacier the day before, and they had a great time.

I immediately checked the weather. 70’s! Next day we headed to the park. It was absolutely amazing! It was sunny, no wind, and warm! The bad news is that we only had one day, and this is a big place!

We spent a lot of time at Lake McDonald. The rock colors are mesmerizing, and we took a lot of photos of the rocks. What impressed me the most? A lot of things, but the silence, the trees, but mostly it was the incredible fragrances! If I could bottle the fragrances I’d be rich!

We drove the Road to the Sun for a while. As beautiful as the scenery was, driving that very narrow road in a one-ton pickup was a bit challenging! In places no road guards. In others, the cliff leaned out far enough that I had to drive on the other lane to get by! We knew the road was closed at the top, so we turned around in a spot where there was barely room to do so. As daunting as that drive was, next time, earlier in the season, we will drive the whole road. Can’t wait to come back!

if you get an opportunity to visit this amazing park, go. Enjoy the few photos I’ve included.

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