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Fall in Logan

We spent late October near Mike & Kelley Snell in Ogden, UT. Last Saturday, since it was still unusually warm for this time of year, we took a drive to Bear Lake, which covers part of both Utah and Idaho. Talk about misplaced expectations! The lake is over 7,000 feet, in the mountains, so, being naive, we fully expected to see pine trees around the lake. Wouldn't you? Wrong! It's primarily rock and brush. It seemed as though the only trees were planted. As a consolation, the lake itself was a beautiful azure blue. We didn't get out because we weren't dressed for a brisk cold wind. It was in the 40's! So, we drove a couple miles both ways from the main road, then drove back down to Logan.

We had stopped for lunch in Logan on the way up. It was sunny and in the 70's.

We spent time walking around theLogan River. After a filling lunch, we spent some time walking around the Logan Temple. So beautiful!

We got to visit Leanna & Lincoln and their 3 wonderful children a couple times during our two week visit. I still think Jan is a magical being around children - she attracts kids to her like a magnet! Anyway, Leanna made some wonderful meals, and I got to use the Foodi a couple times. Unfortunately, the day before we left Eva came down with strep throat, so we didn't get to see them at the end.

It was a real blessing to spend time with our brother & sister. We have been 'family' for 30 years. We also visited Deseret Book, and got out of there under $50, a real miracle! We also got to spend an afternoon with Mariah & Mathew, our niece and nephew. It's always good to see them and catch up on how they are doing.

As usual, there is constant construction on I-15. I think this is a multi-decade mess. The road was torn up when we went through in 1994, again when we moved to Utah in 1997, before the Olympics in 2002, and as we moved away in 2003, and every time we have traveled through Salt Lake City ever since, including this trip. It seems they are widening the road to 5 lanes each way. I guess rapid transit isn't attracting enough commuters. If you plan to go through Utah, expect obstructions and orange construction signs. What fun!

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