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Enjoying Vancouver

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We were finally glad to cool off! Vancouver was in the 70’s! so glad! Pam & Bill have this big tree by their house, and we spent a lot of time on the shade.

Our Traeger Ranger was there when we arrived - yee ha! The first experience was chicken. So yummy! Using this smoker grill is so easy! All I had to do was watch the temperature prove. We are going to use this grill a lot!

We spent most of the two weeks just visiting and catching up. We did visit two really interesting places we had never seen before, Fort Vancouver and the Hood River Western Antique Aviation and Automobile Musesum (WAAAM). Both are fascinating places! We spent several hours at each, and could have spent the whole day at WAAAM.

What made the WAAAM so special is that almost every airplane and auto run! The second Saturday of each month, crews come out and fly or drive a number of the exhibits. There are volunteers to explain all about the various planes and cars, which covers over 100 years! There are also videos all through the museum. Outside we saw some people taking a class on how to drive a Model T, which can be a real challenge to drive. Next year, I want to take that class!

The car we are sitting in is the same model in which Jan’s dad proposed to her mom, in the rumble seat! Kinda special.

On the way back we stopped for ice cream. Kids gotta be kids!

Jan’s sis, Mandy, came up from Portland and spent part of a day with us. We hadn’t seen her is a couple years, so it was a real treat to see them together. Jan, Mandy, and Karen yack all the time using Marco Polo app as well as texting, but being together in person is so much more fun!

Next year we are planning to have a family yard sale. Pam has a bunch of stuff, and after two years on the road we know there are some things we don’t need any more. Besides, it’a always a lot of fun to visit them.

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