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Downsizing Is Good

In 2012 we downsized a 15-acre farm down to a 20 ft container as we moved to Hawaii. Now we downsized everything to two 4x7x7 shipping boxes. The photo gives you and idea of what that represents.

Downsizing your life feels good AFTER you have done it. The process itself can be quite difficult. Choosing what to keep, what to sell, and what to give away took a lot of time. For Jan, it was going through her quilt things and material collection. For me, it was tools. For both of us, it was our beloved book collection.

But we finally got through it! Now we feel a lot of relief and a feeling of freedom. With so few things, that means less work, fewer things to take care of, and more room in the Taj.

After we get everything loaded into the Taj, we’ll see what we missed, then get them out of storage when we come back next year.

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