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Christmas in Las Vegas

We spent Christmas week in North Las Vegas with our good friends Mike & Mary. A visit to Unicorn Manor always included a lot of laughter, stories, zany antics, and quantities of food.

We were told in advance that the theme this year would be Whoville: come as a character of the village. I was the Christmas tree, Jan & Mary were Cindy Lou, Mike was the Grinch, and Ronaye was Max. That pretty much covered our bases! We had a wonderful time. And yes, we did watch the movie!

One constant of Christmas is baking. Jan’s orange cranberry bread was a hit. However, there was a bit of a tussle over the first small loaf. Mike and I were not aware that there were 3 more baking! We made up, shared that first one, and the group devoured the rest over the next few days.

Mary got a big present - her new fridge arrived 3 days before Christmas. It is the exact same model we have in the Taj. It actually has more room than her old one, and has drawers that come out so you can see everything. A huge plus.

Christmas morning we had our traditional breakfast, Scottish Baked French Toast, a delectable feast. You can ask Jan for the recipe and story behind this yummy meal.

Christmas dinner was roast beast, ham, Who hash, potatoes, cranberries, and veggies. Everyone was quite pleased with the results.

It was a great visit. We binge watched Christmas movies, enjoyed telling stories, and just loved being with people we love. We certainly hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as ours was!

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