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Celebrating the 4th in Moxee

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

On July 2nd we arrived in Moxee, WA to visit our friends from Quartzsite, Kathy & Eldon Staley. We had so much fun at Family Home Evenings and game nights in Quartzsite that they invited us to visit them in Moxee.

There was a bit of a challenge getting parked at their place, something of a routine occurrence in our life. The first attempt failed after 4 or 5 attempts. Bella is just to long, the road too narrow, and the ditches on each side of the driveway too deep. I finally backed in beside their garage. Only took two attempts to get in.

We cooked ribs on their Traeger, played games, picked cherries, and rode on an old city tram in downtown Yakima. Eldon & I had a great time picking cherries. Because of the heat wave a couple weeks ago, my favorite bing cherries were all gone, but the sweeties we picked were really good! We picked about 8#, and all were gone before we left a week later.

We met two of their daughters, then spent some time with Kara Campbell and her recent high school grad Seth. Wow, he’s grown! We were in the Twisp Branch together, and we haven’t seen them in ages. So good to catch up!

To celebrate the 4th we ate too much food, then had a great view of fireworks from their house. quite the show!

The week went by too quickly! I think we played some type of game every day. We had a lot of fun. We can’t wait to see them again back in Quartzsite in November.

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