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Camping at Baker Lake

We finally had an opportunity to spend some time at Baker Lake, situated at the base of Mount Baker, with the Kulshan range in the distance. Our two week visit turned into four wonderful weeks.

We haven’t camped here since 1988, so it’s been a very long time. This is the place I took Jan to on her return from Naples, Italy. When she woke up from her travel nap, I welcomed her back to Washington with a bowl of fresh picked salmon berries and cream. I’ll tell the full story at another time, but just know that this lake is very high on our special list!

The big surprise was to find a campground spot with water and sewer connection! The only drawback was we were parked under trees, so I had to run the generator 2 hrs a day. A small price to pay for the rest of the comforts and scenery.

We spent our time taking walks on a gravel road along the earthen dam at the lake, kayak fishing, and sitting in our campsite enjoying the quiet spectacular view. I also enjoyed cooking BBQ chicken!

Soon after our arrival the smoke moved in from fires in British Columbia and Methow Valley. The road to the Methow was closed for over two weeks. That’s why we extended our stay another two weeks. After a couple rain squalls the smoke cleared, and stayed away the rest of our time.

After the smoke cleared, we got our kayak in the water! Time to fish! I gotta tell ya we scared‘em pretty good, too. We eventually caught three, all under 4”. Not exactly cooking size. however, we had a very relaxing time floating around the lake, seeing the beautiful views, and just enjoying ourselves.

We drove into Burlington and Mount Vernon a couple times for groceries and lunch. At the local farmers market we saw the biggest cabbage I’ve seen in years! What a monster! Didn’t buy it, but we did get cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh veggies.

By the time we go back to Baker Lake next time we will know more about fishing the lake. One plan is to be set up for trolling, which is the most successful method used there. No matter, we super enjoyed our visit.

On one walk someone, who will remain nameless, suggested we go see where the road along the lake went to. It was evening, and rain was forecast. Well, the road ended at the road going to the next campground. So, we decided to walk up to the main road, then back down to our campground. Uh huh. It got cooler (no jackets), drizzled a couple times (still no jackets), then started to get dark. We got back to our site before dark, but barely. According to my Fitbit, our two mile stroll turned into a 7 mile hike! But, we found out where the road went to!

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