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Boondocking in Nevada

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

It‘s been months since we have boondocked. Today, we are finally out on BLM land again. We are located at a place called Poverty Flats, near Overton, NV.

There are several hundred RV‘s out here, scattered over several miles of desert and canyons. Talk about social distancing! Lots of distance between rigs. We do visit, however. I met some really good people on the way back to our site today. They told me where the nearest dump and water services are, free as it turns out.

In Overton, I met a young man that served 4 years aboard an aircraft carrier, so we had to pause and tell some sea stories. He gave me his phone number and said if we needed water, just come to his place. We thanked each other for serving.

The first thing we noticed at our new campsite was how quiet it is here. We stood outside and just enjoyed the quiet. This evening we had a campfire and marveled at all the stars. While in town I went crazy and bought firewood, hotdogs, and Oreos. Well, things didn’t quite work out as I planned. The wood burned, but not very well. Let’s just say that Jan finished the hotdogs in a skillet. But, being real troopers, we had a great dinner, including BBQ potato chips, and Oreos for dessert.

It‘s so nice to unwind again. Not everyone has the freedom and ability to leave their stresses behind. This last week, as we all know, has been a real doozy. A couple days ago we found a really cool radio station. It was called Nostalgia. To forget all the stuff going on, we sang along, danced, and moved to all this great music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. We loved it! But we had to leave St. George, so how could we continue listening to this fun music?

This is the really cool part! Jan is very resourceful, and a brilliant researcher. While traveling south on I-15, she found an app called Simple Radio. It has all kinds of music, but when she typed in “nostalgia”, she found all the music we had been enjoying the past couple days. But guess what, you get to choose the transmitter location. There are dozens of transmitter locations all around the world! US, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and the one we chose - Italy! The music is 95% American, but all the announcements and ads are in Italian. We had so much fun listening and bopping to the music as we drove. I even guessed what some of the ads were about! Yeah, my Italian is poor, but I still remember some of it now and then.

And so ends our first day of boondocking. We had fun bouncing to classic rock from Italy, and ended with a campfire and hotdogs. What adventure awaits us tomorrow? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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