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Biking in St. George Utah

We love our Radcity Power e-bikes. We have had them over a year now, and ride whenever possible. I did a lot of research before buying, but I missed one attribute of this particular model that almost no other e-bike has - it can charge the battery when coasting! Because of that, we can get 100 miles per charge. Here is a link to read about these great bikes. The pages says “45+ miles per charge”, but doesn’t include charging via coasting.

We are currently in St. George, UT. Near us is a network of bike paths that go on for miles! It goes along the Virgin River, through residential communities, along some beautiful parks, and along some of the famous red cliffs southern Utah is famous for.

There are a couple hills, but none too steep for our bikes. We crossed multiple bike bridges over the river. We did a 12 mile ride last evening, and a 12 mile ride late morning today. Temperatures are in the 70’s, so it was perfect.

Critters move quickly, so no photographic proof, but we saw lots of desert cottontail rabbits, a coyote, and several roadrunners. It’s too late in the season for lizards and snakes, which I won‘t miss.

There is a lot to see in this area. It is a short drive to Zion National Park, so if the weather stays nice, we’ll be going there next week. The downtown area is interesting, so that is a nice place to stroll in late afternoon. In spite of Covid reductions, we still lots to do and places to see. What I do miss are RV community potlucks!

Speaking of potlucks, and great food, I continue to find new recipes for my Ninja Foodi. Last night I decided to do Stuffed Lime Chicken. Pressure cook 20 minutes, broil 10 minutes (for the crispy skin). It was so tender the wings and one leg fell off! And the stuffing was perfect! I was afraid it would be soggy, because of the steam environment of pressure cooking. Instead, the stuffing was perfect. Jan is keeping all the juice for chicken stock to use in a future recipe or gravy. I can’t wait for potlucks to start up again! I have a growing list of recipes to share at future RV gatherings.

We will be here another week, so plenty of opportunities to see more wildlife. To finish off the day, this evening we will test out the park hot tub.

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