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Back to the Methow

WA Route 20, known as the North Cascade Highway through the American Alps, was open again, so on our way to Priest River we stopped in Carlton for an overnight stay, parking on Darlene & Meadows Yockey’s place, which is right across the driveway from our old place. Nice to see the trees we planted are now 30’-40’ high, and doing great.

Everyone told us the for weeks the smoke was so bad you couldn’t see across the street! Sure glad we missed it! As a public service, the Instant Pot people donated 2,000 of their air purifiers. I guess it worked so well that people were raving about them. Good to know for the future.

It was just one day, but we made the best of it. We visited with Lonny & Diana and Moon & Di, then took our hosts to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Brewster. Yes, the chicken en mole is still as good as we remember! So good!

On our way to Priest River, we stopped at an apple storage place and picked up 120# of honey crisp apples to can.

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