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Back in the Northwest

We are now in Birch Bay, which is west of Bellingham. We are one block from Birch Bay State Park, staying with Jan’s niece, Karen & Brent. They tell everyone they are really sisters, because they were essentially raised on the same property together as children, and are as close as sisters can be. It’s the same with the other nieces. Within a few miles are 2 great nieces, a great nephew, and two great-great grand nieces. Yes, Jan is very happy!

This is our relaxation stop. Nothing to do but visit with family and relax. Quite a change from recent events.

Life today is so full and fast paced that fewer people are taking time to visit, travel, and spend relaxing time with friends and family. That time is now called “quality time”, garnering it’s own name. In former days, it was just normal to relax with those you love on a regular basis, or take an overnight camping trip, just because it was nice outside.

Memories happen, they aren’t forced. As an example, stop right now and think of a memory from your childhood. Got it? Was the event contrived, set up as special, or during a certain holiday? Most of the time, it’s not. That memory comes to your mind randomly, and it may have been an uneventful or mundane event to everyone, including you, at the time. However, something triggered it as special to your mind, and now, even decades later, you remember it as clear as though it happened yesterday.

I remember coming to the Puget Sound every year with my family to go blackberry picking. We did this all the time, yet there are some times that I still remember clearly, such as picking and eating berries, playing tricks on my aunt, sitting on a bucket with my fingers (and mouth) all purple with berry juice. I remember eating tomato and cheese sandwiches, sitting on the running board of the car. Every time I pick berries, a memory comes up, sometimes one that I had not remembered before, and I feel my mom, dad, and brother right there with me, laughing about something we had done.

Picking blackberries – one of my favorite things to do.

Seedless blackberry jam. Sunshine and love in a jar!

Jan has picked blackberries since childhood.

Make memories now; don’t wait to put some “quality time” on your calendar. Just sitting on a log at sunset together, not really saying anything, simply enjoying the moment, will come back to you time and time again over the years. Life goes on, children grow up, and parents get old, and all of it faster than you can imagine. Fill your future with a thousand little memories today.

Family relationships and friendships are built on spending time together. Just being together becomes the “glue” that binds you together. As we move forward in our new journey, our prime objectives are to spend time together, visit more often with family and friends, visit temples, do more family history, attend church every Sunday, and try to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us. Can we bring some “glue” to your house?

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