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About Those Rocks

Jan joined me on a walk to the end of our little camping area. As we walked, we were amazed at the formation and composition of the rocks as we went along. photos just can’t demonstrate the wide range of colors we encountered.

if you don’t look close, the landscape here is brown to a reddish hue, and quite plain. Maybe even boring. Upon closer examination, we saw a full palette of both color and shape. the most interesting is rocks bring imbedded in what seemed to have been ancient mud. It’s as though nature created cement, then mixed in a rainbow of colored rocks. For us, the desert landscape is not plain or boring. It is a kaleidoscope of color, shape, and beauty.

We can expand this to the people that come into our lives. From a distance, or if you choose not to look too closely, a group of people may appear to be all the same. It is only upon close inspection that you begin to see not only variations, but a wide range of attributes and qualities.

Too many people chose to be “blind” to the differences we all exhibit. Just like snowflakes, every person is individually different. Strangers become friends. We find joy in another’s experiences and background. What we have done is to open our eyes to the inherent beauty in both the land and the people around us.

We didn’t collect any rocks on our walk. We did pick up a number of them for closer inspection, just as we interact with the people we meet to check out how unique and wonderful they are.

A walk in the desert can be just a walk, but sometimes it turns out to be a time for personal introspection to appreciate the people and things around us. All we have to do is take a closer look, and appreciate all of God‘s creations, then find the message on it that meant for us to learn.

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