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Jan & Shep Kuester

How We Became Full-Time RV'ers

We have 5 grandchildren: 2 in Washington; and 3 in Arkansas. We also have many friends and family scattered all over the country. To visit them, much of the time we would have to fly (expensive), rent a car (expensive), and stay in hotels or AirBnB (expensive). We would be living out of suitcases, and most importantly, have to sleep on hard uncomfortable beds (yuck!)!

When Jan proposed that we instead buy an RV, after extensive research, we both agreed that this would be the perfect solution. For us, a fifth wheel, known as a "fiver", was the best choice for us, along with two e-bikes for local transportation. In addition, we would be able to visit many locations we have seen before, and many more we have always wished to see. We would be blessed to do all this while sleeping in our own bed (super comfortable), and have our home wherever we were. And because we added a full solar system, we are able to go off-grid, called "boondocking", to out of the way places for even more beauty.

We began this journey August 2018. We are where we are today because of spiritual guidance and revelation, experienced full-time people who posted very informative blogs and videos, and all the wonderful RV'ers we have met along our journey, who have generously shared information that shortened our learning curve. Through this blog we hope to inform, inspire, and pass along all the things we have learned, and most of all, all the love shared on this journey.

We look forward to reading your comments and answering your questions. Join our community, and come with us as we embark on new journeys to see this wondrous land, unite with family, and visit with loving friends. Who knows, perhaps we will be visiting close to you soon! Let's get together! Family...Friends...Food...Perfection! 

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How It Got Started

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We Found Our New Home

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Real Ice Cream

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Let’s Buy An RV

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