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Our Christmas Letter 2021

For decades we included an annual letter in our Christmas cards, with a couple photos and activities we were involved in during the year....

November was Busy!

Jan often describes Quartzsite as an adult playground where you can play yourself to death. It’s true! We have been really busy ever...

Activities Begin

Unlike the previous two years, regular activities have returned to Quartzsite. When asked what there is to do here, Jan describes...

Fish, at Last!

After days of not even getting a strike, yesterday we finally caught some trout. They were 12” & 13”. Not monsters, but enough for a...

Camp Peine

As announced in an earlier post, next year we will begin serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It will...

Location, Location

Realtors are right, it all comes down to location, location, location. Right now I am sitting in a comfy lawn chair, in the shade under...

About Those Rocks

Jan joined me on a walk to the end of our little camping area. As we walked, we were amazed at the formation and composition of the rocks...

A Lesson on Faith

Yesterday at church a young father told us how he planned to chat with his 5 year old daughter and teach her about the meaning of faith....