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2021 Comes to an End

December was a very busy month! Jan’s amaryllis gave us 4 blooms — twice! One just before Christmas, and again for New Year’s. Prolific...

Activities Begin

Unlike the previous two years, regular activities have returned to Quartzsite. When asked what there is to do here, Jan describes...

Fish, at Last!

After days of not even getting a strike, yesterday we finally caught some trout. They were 12” & 13”. Not monsters, but enough for a...

Kootenai River

We arrived in Libby, MT on June 13th. Jan found a wonderful COE (Army Corps of Engineers) campground a couple miles from Libby, three...

Christmas in Las Vegas

We spent Christmas week in North Las Vegas with our good friends Mike & Mary. A visit to Unicorn Manor always included a lot of laughter,...

Cooking and Projects

Sometimes we buy kitchen or hobby “gadgets”, use them for a few weeks, then they somehow are relegated to a shelf or storage, where they...

Biking in St. George Utah

We love our Radcity Power e-bikes. We have had them over a year now, and ride whenever possible. I did a lot of research before buying,...

About that pasta

Shep’s post about pasta brought forth memories of my pasta education a la mia mama Italiana, Tina Parisi. Growing up with a long haul...

Real Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I also have Type 2 diabetes. The challenge has been to find an ice cream that satisfies my love of ice cream yet...